Barbara Wills - Proprietor and Financial Adviser - Retire Invest - www.retireinvest.com.au

“When I look at my paintings, I smile and feel I am at those beaches with people I know”.

“One funny story I have to share is that a client of mine said I recognise that wave, that’s Currumbin Alley, I can step onto that wave and surf it right now. It was funny because it really was Currumbin Alley! That just goes to show Scott paints so realistically, even a stunned mullet member (mature-age surfies) can recognise the exact surfing spot!”

“I really needed something specific for my office and I hadn’t bought an artwork for ages until I saw Scott’s work. I was so pleased to have the perfect spot to hang both paintings”.

Greg Cooper - Director of Designed Wealth Financial Services - www.designedwealth.amp.com.au

“Scott’s artwork brings indoors graphically what every Australian knows about our coastline”.

“I have purchased three of Scott’s works and two of the paintings are displayed in the entry foyer of my office and the third in my partner’s office. I have many people comment on the paintings, so I referred him straight to Scott”.

“I don’t own any other artwork and buy only from Scott Christensen. I had originally planned to buy one piece but I liked Scott’s art work so much I bought three!”

“I am so impressed with Scott’s work I am having an open day at my workplace soon and have Scott’s brochures ready to give out to people.”

Jacquie Craig

“I like Scott’s artwork because of the fact that they look like you can dip your hands into the water and feel the sand on your feet. I feel sheer tranquillity, every time I look at my paintings”.

“I bought the two originals for myself and have them hanging in my main living room so my family and friends can also enjoy”.

“I collect a few artworks but Scott’s artwork are the largest size pieces I’ve ever bought”.

“Scott is an absolutely awe-inspiring, brilliant and gorgeous guy to do business with”.

Jamie Durie, Television Personality and Principal of Patio - Landscape Architecture and Design - www.patio.com

"Hi Scott, I received my lovely canvas editions today - Thank you so much! They are incredible and absolutely stunning.

I will make contact with you soon about hanging one in an up and coming makeover we will be doing.

I would actually love to have one on display here in my landscaping office also. I am very happy with this purchase and to have your work as part of my personal collection. I wish you all the very best - please stay in touch."

John Calleija, Managing Director of Calleija Jewellers - www.calleija.com.au

John Calleija has 12 jewellers working for him at his sensational Calleija Jewellery store at the Marina Mirage Resort on the Gold Coast. He also has stores in Macquarie Street Sydney and a newly opened store in London. In 2000 he won the De Beers Diamonds - International Award. He has been a jeweller for 24 years and recognises a good artistic talent. John and his wife bought the painting "Morning Breakers" - now available as a canvas edition, directly from Scott at Byron Bay in 2004.

“This painting just really captures the whole essence of the coastal area and its relaxed spirit. We’ve put it up in our beach house at Byron Bay and it just embodies the spirit of Byron so beautifully.

“It’s a gorgeous painting to look at and we couldn’t resist buying it.

“I make and design jewellery and so we’re both in the art field, but what he does is incredible. Scott’s just got a real creative gift and I’m so glad he’s pursuing it.”

“I also like the fact that you could actually be talking to the artist, it was so nice to have actually met him and see all his work.

“He’s a really talented emerging artist to watch and he’s got a great future. We thought his work was under priced.”

Neil Harvey - Manager - Independent Fund Administrators & Advisers - www.ifaa.com.au

“What I really like about Scott’s work is the real life aspect”.

“I actively collect several artworks and have 15 in my workplace and two (including Scott’s painting) in my office. My clients are often intrigued by my collection of Aboriginal and seascape pieces. I’ve often referred clients on to Scott.”

“I bought Scott’s original primarily for visual pleasure and secondly as an investment piece for my superannuation fund. His artwork really caught my eye and I liked it because of its calming effect every time when I look at it”.

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