The Painting Process

Scott paints his canvases with traditional techniques - by hand, with paintbrushes.

Two layers of undercoat/gesso are applied to 12 oz canvas that has been stretched over the timber frame by hand. Each layer is lightly sanded when dry. Sometimes using photographs for reference, a simple sketch is drawn. Basic colours and tone are mapped out on the canvas in acrylic paint.

Scott mixes his colours to a thin viscosity, and applies many thin (some quite transparent) coats of oil paint to render his spectacular seascapes. No airbrush is ever used. He uses large blending brushes to merge bands of colour to achieve smooth blends, such as the sky and the merge between deep and shallow water. These blending brushes are cleaned regularly throughout this process.

An original oil painting can take up to 6 weeks to complete. When the painting has fully cured, it is then coated with a UV stabilising and abrasion-resistant protective coating. The rear of the painting is signed, dated and catalogued.

All products used throughout the process are of the highest quality available.

Scott has written instructional articles for The Artists Palette, Australian Artist and the International Artist Magazine.