Printing Process - Canvas

Scott Christensen Canvas Editions are printed on Museum Quality, Archival Canvas, Imported from Europe. It is the best available worldwide.

Independent testing ( on this canvas/ink combination predicts 120 years before any visible fading may occur. More information on this is available on request.

Canvas Editions are further protected by three generous applications of UV Protective Coating, imported from the USA. Again - the best available globally.

The whole process is completed by the artist, following strict guidelines to ensure the highest quality finish and maximum light-fastness.

"Although I cannot personally guarantee 120 years on my Canvas Editions, I can guarantee that these Canvas Editions have been produced by using the correct and proper methods, the most advanced technology and the highest quality materials available. They are expensive because of the materials and process I have chosen to use, and because they are limited editions, once they are gone, there are no more."

The canvas prints you can order through Big W, Harvey Norman and other decor / furnishing retail outlets are printed on cheap and inferior mass-produced canvas. Some are not U.V. protected or sealed at all. I would expect a two to seven year life before visible deterioration on these prints.

My Canvas Editions are exceptional quality, fine art giclée reproductions that will last many, many years. You get what you pay for."

The Most Advanced Methods Available combined with Premium Materials

Scott Christensen Canvas Editions are the absolute highest quality art reproductions available. They are a durable and archival, premium quality product.

The first class combination of superior components: PHOTOGRAPHY + CANVAS + INK + 3 APPLICATIONS OF UV PROTECTION

Giclée Reproduction Process

Artwork is photographed professionally and accurately, capturing minute detail on massive digital file. Scott works in conjunction with a leading Brisbane-based photographer, who boasts over 20 years of experience in the field of capturing fine art.

The original artwork will be reproduced at an optical resolution of 1,800 dots per square inch, which will render the edition virtually indistinguishable from the original. In simple terms, when you look closely at the image, you cannot see any dot structure. Each and every stroke from the artist's brush is faithfully reproduced.

The canvas we use is premium quality

It is pre-primed, archival quality, imported from the Europe. The company has been manufacturing artists' materials for over 400 years. Artists such as Picasso and Warhol trusted this company's products and they remain the standard for today's professionals.

They are the finest canvas producers worldwide.

Every sheet of canvas is 100% visually inspected under special lighting by quality control personnel for imperfections. The canvas is primed with an acid-free, acrylic titanium gesso to provide for the long-term archival quality of the canvas.

There are no optical brighteners used in this canvas. Optical brighteners are used in most poorer quality canvases to produce the very white finish and these chemicals will deteriorate the durability of the inks used. You can be confident when purchasing that our canvases are free from these additives.

The inks used are the most advanced, lightfast inks available today

Micro-encapsulation Technology: The ink is a resin-coated pigment ink that achieves superb colour expression and a light-fastness rating of up to 45 years. Each pigment particle has an extremely smooth and uniform resin coating that polymerises on the canvas to create a smooth and uniform coating that promotes superior light reflection. Micro-encapsulation technology guarantees superbly sharp image reproduction and colour vibrancy along with marked improvements in light and water resistance.

Scott Christensen's Canvas Editions offer unprecedented longevity, surpassing the life of all previous offset lithographic processes by well over 100 times.

On top of this high-end technology, the reproductions are further coated with two to three satin layers of UV protection, taking the permanence rating to 100 years without fade.

For more information, visit Data are calculated by independent accelerated testing and although the best methods and procedures are used, Scott Christensen cannot guarantee periods.