Printing Process - Glass

Introducing a new range of artwork for modern and contemporary living spaces:

Scott Christensen Seascapes - Glass Editions

Unique hand crafted oil paintings, digitally captured and transferred onto metallic substrate then mounted on a high strength glass finish.

These editions a glossy and attractive - a sharp way to add vibrant colour and value to a modern home or work environment. Primarily a stylish interior design piece, they are also durable, hardwearing and can be used in wet areas, used for splashbacks and are suited to external environments such as outdoor entertaining areas, patios, pool surrounds, balconies and more.

"This is the first time in fifteen years that I have found a high quality product other than primed canvas as a platform for my art. The metallic backing provides an amazing light and vibrancy to the work and the glass finish gives it a clarity that is unmatched. I am very happy to offer collectors of my work this new choice of finish."

In regards to the quality of the finished artwork – it is supreme and incomparable to similar looking products showing up at cheaper outlets. I am using Canon Lucia Inks on the initial surface that will last for over 100 years and the acrylic-glass or Lucite brand I have chosen is the best available. It is shatter-proof, very strong and manufactures guarantee 30 years before any possible visual yellowing.

"I use a light-weight aluminium backing support and wall hardware which is supplied when you purchase, which easily mounts and stabilises the artwork to your wall - giving the piece a floating finish. (Glass sits 2cm or 25/32 of an inch of the wall)

Although I cannot personally guarantee these Glass Editions for the expected 30 to100 years before a possibility of any yellowing (as all environmental factors are out of my control), I can promise that they have been produced by using the most advanced technology and the highest quality materials available today.

They are more expensive than department store novelties because of the quality grade of the materials and processes I have chosen to use, and because they are a limited, signed and numbered edition - once they are gone, there will be no more."

Scott Christensen