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I live outside of Australia, can I still order?

Yes. But let us get you a freight estimate first. We ship across the globe but freight charges vary so much we have decided to take overseas shipping off the website. Please email us through the contact page with your post/zip code and the title and size of the artwork/s you'd like and we'll get back to you with an accurate quote.

Why do Sale Items have a delivery charge for non- locals?

We've designed these sale items to be bargains at the absolute the lowest price we can make them so Scott's art is accessible to all. We can't do that with a blanket free delivery on all items as sending to Perth or South Australia costs much more than local delivery to South East Queensland. We have heavily discounted the delivery charges to help as much as we can.

Do you accept lay-by?

Generally no, how ever we do accept a 30% deposit to hold any original oil painting until final payment is made. The maximum time frame is 30 days.

Can I order custom size canvas editions?

Yes, however they need to be in the same ratio (Length to Width) and this service does incur a small charge for the time to create the unique file.

Can I frame my canvas with a traditional frame?

Yes. If you want a traditional frame around your new original, your local framer will be able to do this for you. If you want a traditional frame around your new canvas edition it would be best to buy it as "Canvas Only" and receive the artwork in a tube to take to your local framer.

How do I care for my canvas?

Dust the painting or wipe with a dry soft cloth every few months or so, especially the tops where dust will sit. If you notice any insect droppings remove with warm water and a clean soft cloth immediately. Rub the effected area in a circular motion until the stain is removed, making sure the cloth is continually rinsed always damp.

Does Scott do workshops?

Scott's Paint the Ocean video course is the best way to learn with Scott. He will be offering workshops for those who have enrolled in that course in 2020.

What's the difference between an edition and an original?

An edition is a reproduction of an original oil painting. The original is photographed and then printed with inks directly onto canvas. The original is a hand painted directly onto canvas with acrylic and oil paints by the artist.